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Coastal Dynamic is the brain-child of American multi-instrumentalist/composer/engineer Victor Phillips. It’s a vehicle for creating music using real instruments, found sounds and software to evoke emotion and create aural landscapes. His goal is to produce music that inspires, refreshes and propels you through your day!

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Announcing my 8 song debut album titled: Lost Tribe!
What makes a tribe? In most cases tribes form when people with similar needs, interests and philosophies find each other. Just like people in a tribe, the 8 songs on this album have common threads tying them together, but they are still engaging pieces of musical expression when heard individually. Victor says “my goal with these songs was to create songs I like individually but that still take the audience on a musical journey when taken as a whole.” He adds, “Doesn’t all good music make you feel something?”

Encompassing the full range of emotions involved in community; loss, change, growth and renewal, Lost Tribe is expansive and melancholy, upbeat and reflective. The songs are rooted in retro, rhythmic synth elements, real performances on bass, guitar and keys, and grounded by customized drum layers topped with found sound recordings collected from nature, everyday life and childhood/family recordings from the last 3 generations of Victor’s family (who were all involved in overseas service). When taken altogether these elements create Coastal Dynamic’s unique feel-good grooves.

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